Immersive Video Destinations Arrive in vTime XR

Our latest feature, Theatres, has landed in vTime XR, bringing immersive new video destinations to the entire community.

Introducing Theaters

Today’s update brings a brand-new feature into our sociable network. You can now meet, chat, and enjoy video content in one of our virtual theater destinations. The feature is available to all of our users, whether you’re using vTime XR in Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, or Magic Window mode, so you can experience a truly immersive cross-reality video experience.

Our New Destinations

We’ve created two new theater destinations (with more to come!) featuring large virtual screens where you and up to three friends can sit back and watch videos courtesy of our collaboration with City Football Group. Read more about that here.

Tell us More!

Your session host will take control of your theater experience, choosing the destination and content for the group to view. We’ve designed our new destinations to give you the full video experience. You can choose from the…

Sports Bar: A warm and welcoming tavern where you’ve got the best seats in the house for viewing our giant projector screen.

Vtime Xr Sports Bar Seating Theaters

Video Bowl: A Roman amphitheatre bringing the atmosphere of an outdoor cinema into your own home.

Vtime Xr Sports Bar Theaters

The Content

We’ve collaborated with last year’s Premier League champions, Manchester City FC, to bring dynamic sports content, including interviews, highlights, behind-the-scenes footage and more. You can find different content in different destinations, so make sure you try both out to get the most from vTime Theaters.

We’ve made sure to give you everything you need to enjoy our new video feature, with content information and built-in buttons to give you full control over video playback.

You can find out how to use our Theaters feature here.

It’s time to see what Theaters has to offer - whether you’re kicking back in The Sports Bar or taking in the open-air atmosphere of our Video Bowl, don’t forget to take some group selfies and send them to @vTimeNet on Twitter.

Daniel Sefton (vTime Marketing)