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Meet, chat and share in VR

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vTime is the first VR sociable network that allows anyone, anywhere to socialise with family and friends in virtual reality.

Using just a smartphone and a VR headset, or a tethered headset such as Oculus Rift, vTime allows you to meet, chat and interact with friends, old and new, near and far, in breathtaking virtual locations.

The future is already in your pocket.

What is vTime?
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"I would say vTime is definitely the most presence inducing app available right now."...“It’s an incredible app. I’m amazed every time I go into it.”....“I just played vTime on the Gear and I may just chuck in Twitter”....“One of the most incredible apps for VR”.... “It was like the most vivid visual I've ever seen for GearVR”.... “A must download!”.... “The graphics are absolutely incredible”

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