Announcing vTag: The First Cross-World 3D Avatar Messaging App

Now available in the UK on iOS, vTag uses cutting-edge AR technology to enable users to seamlessly create, share, and discover unique 3D avatar moments that live in the real world.

While we continue to roll out new features for vTime XR, we’ve taken the next step on our journey in connecting people around the world using alternate realities. Through our new app, vTag, we’ve brought our expertise in developing immersive avatar-based experiences to a fresh, social-first audience, using augmented reality (AR) to bring your personal 3D moments into the real world.

What is vTag?

vTag is the first app to give you the tools to make highly customisable avatars, animate them through face and body tracking, and leave them in real-world locations for your friends to find later. This means that as of today, you can now create and style your own personal avatar, then bring it to life using your own voice, facial expressions, and movements.

Combine all of the above elements and you have more than just a message – you have a 3D avatar moment, or as we call it, a vTag! You can send vTags directly to be viewed in full 3D through the AR camera, or you can leave them on the map for your friends to discover when they are in the area. You can record your vTags to make content that levels up your social through creative animations, 3D backgrounds, and an ever-growing collection of clothing styles.


Tell us more!

We’ve built vTag with you in mind, giving you everything you need to explore a new form of self-expression and self-image. vTag has been designed to tap into the ever-changing cultural landscape, giving you the room to get creative with meme culture, fashion, and fast-moving social trends.

vTag also features an in-app shop, where we will be dropping the latest styles, animations, and backgrounds so that you can create truly personalised 3D moments.


What are AR apps?

Augmented reality (AR) apps use a smartphone screen or wearable AR smartglasses to place digital images and information on top of the real world.

*vTag AR mode is powered by Apple's ARKit. ARKit is available for iPhone 6s and above running iOS 13 and above.

Where are we going?

Over the next few months, we’re planning to launch vTag into new countries and bring in features to make your 3D moments more realistic. We’re also working with a number of companies to expand the app and bring featured content from our favourite artists and brands. This means that in the future, you can expect to engage with the people and organisations that you love whether you’re out and about or sitting at home.

You can download vTag from the App Store here or visit more more information.

Daniel Sefton (vTime Marketing)