Read Up On Newest vTime Destination, The Study

Our newest and most dignified destination takes inspiration from Sherlock Holmes' Baker Street address and Freud's consultation room. 

Since announcing our funding news earlier this year, the team has been heavily engrossed in development and a slew of new features and improvements are almost ready to launch. Plus, we’ve been immersed in the creation of a revolutionary and standalone AR product. Currently in stealth-mode and set to launch early next year, expect more news on that very soon.

But back to the present. Today’s update is the first in a series that lays the ground for some network changing new additions appearing between now and the end of the year. It also introduces our newest destination, The Study.

Overlooked by famous British landmark Big Ben, the stately room is so brimming with leather-bound tomes, you can almost smell the leather. Inspired by Sherlock Holmes’ Baker Street address and Sigmund Freud’s consulting room, The Study ignites its inhabitants inner academic as they bask in the glow of a crackling fire. It’s also vTime’s new hub! Long-time users will notice that you no longer enter vTime through the Agora. Instead, you’ll find yourself in the book-covered splendour of The Study.

Heading to the destinations menu, you’ll be greeted with a more compact choice of locations. If your favourite is no longer amongst them, don’t fret. We’ve not retired any destinations permanently. Instead, we’ll be mixing up the locations on offer, adding in old favourites and introducing new and seasonal ones frequently. User feedback and data showed us that the community tended to stick to one or two destinations during a session. By changing what’s on offer, our users will get to see more corners of the vTime universe while also discovering some untrodden ground. We’ll be holding regular polls on our social channels to see which destinations you’d like to see next!

So that’s this update. Expect its sequel to hit the app stores soon and for that update to change the network as you know it. Until then, jump into vTime and get acquainted with The Study! Let us know what you think of our latest destination and the changes that we’ve made to the network by emailing

See you in vTime!

Vicky Roberts (Director of Marketing and Business Development)