How Our Series A Investment Will Change vTime

vTime Managing Director Clemens Wangerin explains how our $7.6 million series A investment will alter the way we work, how we plan for the future, and change the network as a whole. The best is yet to come...

"Today’s announcement on the successful conclusion of our Series A fundraise marks a hugely important milestone for vTime. It allows us to surge forward on our journey towards delivering the ultimate form of engagement and communication, across all new forms of realities accessible through VR/AR/MR/XR.

But what does this milestone mean to the community at large? vTime has been used by hundreds of thousands of people to communicate, collaborate, share and engage since it launched in 2015. What benefits will they see from this?

I’m pleased to share more about the several ways that this investment will be felt by those who use our sociable network every day of the year.

We'll be adding support for more formats

The most immediate benefit will be the release of vTime on more formats. While we’re not giving specific street dates today, our roadmap is built around ubiquitous access to vTime: whatever your VR HMD of choice, we want vTime to be available to you and to connect you with people on all other formats. This investment will help us achieve this and allow us to continue operating and maintaining the service as the number of platforms we support approaches double digits.

We'll be adding support for new realities

Less immediately obvious is how the investment affects what’s happening ‘under the hood’. Most of that is linked to our continuous development of the underlying vTime technology, enabling apps like our very own sociable network. Eventually this will manifest itself in new product features for the VR Sociable Network, but also in entirely new products. Forthcoming vTime experiences for AR/MR/XR share our ethos of allowing users to be sociable wherever they are, and communicate and engage with each other through whichever reality is best-suited to their needs.

We'll have a head start on new technology

Our ongoing drive for innovation and disruptive technologies will also benefit from this investment, allowing us to work with selected industry partners on new hardware long before it officially reaches the market. This gives us a significant head-start when it comes to understanding how forthcoming things like standalone 6DOF HMDs, the AR cloud, 5G, eye tracking, voice input or sensors like haptics can shape vTime in the future.

Keep an eye on our official channels for specific announcements during the course of the year. In the meantime we hope you all continue enjoying vTime and keep the feedback and comments coming. All communication is greatly appreciated and extremely valuable to us."

Clemens Wangerin

Clemens Wangerin (Managing Director)