We're Changing the Face of Social VR...

Our latest update 'New vYou' brings with it big changes for your vTime avatar. 

It’s time for a 'New vYou'! The latest vTime update changes the face of social VR as we know it, with the introduction of a new avatar creation system. Using extensive feedback from our users, we’ve rebuilt our avatar customizer to bring you more ways than ever before to be yourself in vTime. With thousands of new avatar customization options at your disposal, it’s time to share some of what makes you unique with the community, and to celebrate the diversity of our global audience!

There are now millions of bespoke facial combinations to choose from, with more personalization options on the way.Update now to customize everything from body type, skin tone, age, hair, eyebrows through to eye shape, eye colour, nose, lips, ears, cheeks, jaw, face length, and facial hair.

Learn how to fine tune your avatar with our new system in our tutorial. 

We're also launching a competition to win a Samsung Gear 360! Read more here

'New vYou' paves the way for a host of new vTime features, events, and tools coming over the next year. Be sure to let us know how you're finding the new avatar creator by sending your thoughts, good and bad, to feedback@vtime.net.

See you in vTime!

V Time Avatar Customization

Vicky Roberts (Director of Marketing and Business Development)