vTime Collaborates with Sinobo Group on Forthcoming Metaverse Platform 'GTVerse'

(Liverpool, July 12th, 2022) vTime, the UK engagement studio, has revealed a first glimpse at its metaverse-ready technology through a partnership with Sinobo Group, a Chinese conglomerate in sports, entertainment, commerce, and technology, with the unveiling of GTVerse – a metaverse platform centred around the new Beijing Workers’ Stadium and fans of Beijing Guoan Football Club (BJFC).

The Gongti Metaverse (GTVerse), announced at a launch ceremony in Beijing, aims to integrate digital and real experiences with the footfall of the forthcoming Beijing Workers’ Stadium and fans of BJFC. Enabling fans to enjoy immersive match experiences, concerts, e-sports events and more, the GTVerse will also offer innovative retail opportunities. Fusing enabling technologies such as 5G and hybrid cloud computing with augmented and virtual reality, the cross-reality platform will offer new ways to get closer to the football club, events, and culture to millions of fans and visitors.

The launch event, attended by established scholars, technology experts, industry leaders, and global enterprises, gave viewers a first look at a GTVerse prototype, created in collaboration with vTime, along with the release of a white paper detailing the forthcoming metaverse platform.

The event also saw the inauguration of the GTVerse Innovation Joint Lab, founded by Sinobo Group, with collaboration from China Mobile, Tencent, and other partners.

Chairman of Sinobo Group Mr Zhou Jinhui said: "(The) Metaverse is not only a concept. The difference between GTVerse and other metaverse projects is that it is based on the real Beijing Workers’ Stadium. We will spare no effort to renovate the new Beijing Workers’ Stadium into Beijing's ‘City Landmark, Cultural and Sports Icon and Vitality centre’."

vTime CEO Clemens Wangerin said: “We are incredibly honoured that vTime has been chosen by Sinobo Group as collaborators to bring the GTVerse to life on the basis of our experience, expertise, and innovations in the metaverse. The scale of this opportunity is significant, and it marks the next step in our journey towards delivering human interactions in the metaverse to people around the world that are as powerful as doing so face-to-face.”

vTime’s collaboration with Sinobo highlights ways in which the studio can enable global brands and partners to create an immersive metaverse presence that spans both the real and virtual worlds with ease. Having invested heavily into R&D and new technology development, vTime has built a suite of metaverse-ready tools that also provide the foundations for the successor to vTime XR - the first cross-reality social network. Currently unannounced, the studio plans to share more about the forthcoming platform in the coming months.


About vTime

Founded in 2013, vTime is a UK metaverse company merging the real, augmented, and virtual worlds with revolutionary social platforms that allow human connections to flourish. Its flagship product vTime XR, a cross-reality sociable network that allows anyone, anywhere to socialize in AR and VR, is used in over 190 countries with more than 1.3 million downloads since 2015. Currently collaborating with some of the world’s biggest brands in sport, health, and entertainment to help them connect with their community and fans like never before, vTime secured Series A funding of $7.6M in 2018 to accelerate its multi-product roadmap. www.vtime.net

About Sinobo Group

Founded in 2005, SINOBO has integrated its core resources in sports, entertainment, commerce and technology. Decorated by core assets such as renowned landmark projects and premium sports IP, SINOBO prides itself o core competencies in new types of business, culture and sports management. SINOBO looks forward to cooperation possibilities and is committed to becoming a builder of a new business platform, a pioneer of the new economy of data-reality integration, and a provider of the needs for a better life.

At present, SINOBO is responsible for the renovation, reconstruction, and operation of Beijing Workers' Stadium, the sole owner of Beijing Guoan Football Club, i.e. BEIJING FC and the investment operator of Taizicheng Resort-Chongli, a major supporting project of the 2022 Winter Olympics.

Vicky Roberts (Director of Marketing and Business Development)