Who’s Egg-cited for Easter?

We’re putting all our eggs in vTag’s basket, with Easter-themed avatar clothing and 3D backgrounds ready to make your Easter messages & content absolutely cracking! 🐣

The smell of hot cross buns is in the air 😋, chocolate bunnies are filling shop shelves, 🐰 and Easter eggs are ready to be hunted 🥚 - it’s Easter 2023!

We have a basket full of digital Easter ideas that will knock your bonnet off, so hop over to vTag 👉 here and let’s get started…

What is vTag?

vTag lets our users create 3D avatar moments that live in the real world through augmented reality 👀. Using our customisation tools, you can create an avatar, record a message using your own voice and facial expressions, 🤪 and send that message to friends to view in the real world or use it to level up your socials. ✅

What’s Included?

The vTag Easter pack is filled with Easter avatar outfits and 3D springtime scenes, ready for some egg-cellent Easter digital creations. 👀

Easter vMe Clothing

The avatar clothing includes a range of Easter-themed outfits including: spring-time dresses, bunny suits, and a selection of Easter t-shirts. Don’t forget to add some bunny ears 🥕or an Easter bonnet 👒for a finishing touch. 👌

3D Springtime Backgrounds

Make your Easter messaging egg-stra special with a 3D chocolate background, or Easter-themed neon! 🤩

vTag Easter Ideas

Use vTag to send free 3D Easter messages to your friends and family 🐰; spice up our social content with personalised avatar Easter-themed content 🤩; or why not try a digital Easter egg hunt using location-based vTags?

How to Use the Easter Pack

Q: How to find Easter clothing?

A: Click on ‘vMe’ - ‘customise’ - then ‘edit outfits.’ You can find Easter clothing in the trending tab with the ‘🔥’ icon.

Q: How to add 3D backgrounds:

A: Record your vTag, then click on ‘more’ then ‘scenes’ to bring up the 3D backgrounds menu. Swipe left or right on the panel at the bottom and tap on the scene you want to use. 👉

Q: How to send a 3D message?

A: After recording your vTag, tap next to send it to a friend (or play + record if you want to save your vTag to your camera roll). 😄

Q: How to send a location-based vTag for a virtual Easter egg hunt?

A: Record your vTag video clue - ‘next’ then ‘drop vTag’. Find where you want to drop your vTag on the map📍, click ‘done’ and then select the contacts you want to send the clues to.

We love seeing your creations! You can share your Easter moments by tagging us on TikTok or Instagram - @vtagme. Happy Easter!

Rachael Dingwall (Marketing Associate)