Happy Cinco de Mayo!

It's Cinco de Mayo! Just in queso you didn't know… So join the fiesta fun in vTag, with our latest item drop!

Cinco de Mayo translates as “Fifth of May”, and is celebrated on this date every year to commemorate the Battle of Puebla. Today, it’s heavily celebrated in the US, honouring Mexican-American culture with parades, mariachi music 🎺, colourful costumes 💃 and fireworks. 🎇

Join the 3D celebration and connect with friends and family in a way like no other this Cinco de Mayo with vTag. 🎉

What is vTag?

vTag lets our users create 3D avatar moments that live in the real world through augmented reality 👀. Using our customisation tools, you can create an avatar, record a message using your own voice and facial expressions, and send that message to friends to view in the real world or use it to level up your socials. ✅

What Can You Expect?

Join the augmented Cinco De Mayo parade with a range of 3D backgrounds and themed avatar clothing that will get you into the mariachi madness.

Avatar Clothing

Add some 🔥to your fiesta with a range of Cinco de Mayo-themed vMe outfits including: slogan tees, traditional Mexican skirts, and cambaya shirts. Don’t forget that finishing touch with a selection of sombreros to bring out your inner mariachi, and new spicy 🌶️novelty specs!

3D Backgrounds

Cinco de Mayo is nacho average holiday, so we’ve made some 3D scenes that will guac your world 🥑. Get your vMe standing out from the crowd with a range of neon lights including: glowing cacti, 🌵Cinco De Mayo mariachis, and more!

How to Use the Pack

To change outfits, click on ‘vMe’ 👉 ‘customise’ 👉‘edit outfits.’ The Cinco de Mayo clothing can be found in the trending tab with the ‘🔥’ icon. Simply tap on the item that you would like your vMe to try on, and press ‘done’ when you’re happy with the look! ✨

To add backgrounds, record your vTag message, then tap on ‘more’ 👉 ‘scenes,’ swipe along the panel, and then tap on the scene that you want to use. ✅

Join the Fiesta!

Parade on over to vTag and get creating some Mexican moments! Download our vTag app for free here.

Let the fiesta continue right onto your feed and tag us on TikTok and Instagram @vtagme - we can’t wait to see them! 🤩

Rachael Dingwall (Marketing Associate)