Dad Approved ✅: Celebrate Father’s Day with vTag

Father’s Day is all about giving love and gratitude to your dad and the father figures in your life… so why not show your dad how much you care with a personalised 3D avatar message!

Is your Father’s Day card not cutting it? Want something he will remember? Wow, your dad this Father’s Day with a 3D virtual message that can be viewed in the real world! 🌍

Download our vTag app for free here and start customising your avatar for the perfect Father's Day surprise! 🥳

What is vTag?

With vTag you can create 3D avatar video messages that can be viewed through augmented reality and personalised with our customisation tools to look and sound just like you. 👀

What Can You Expect

Our Father’s Day vTag item drop includes dad-themed designs, and new neon backgrounds - perfect to celebrate all things dad. 🤩

Daddy, Daddy Cool: Avatar Clothing 😎

Our new clothing drop includes some fresh Father’s Day fits with a selection of graphic tees. You can also get your vMes look poppin’ with some themed face paint!

3D Backgrounds that Pop!

Set the scene for a celebration 🎉 with some 3D Father’s Day neons, including a “Happy Father’s Day” moustache, floating heart message, and “Best Dad Ever” design.

Virtual Father's Day Messages

Do you love to tell bad dad jokes? 👉 In vTag you can do just that using your own voice, facial expressions, and custom avatar.🔥

To record your vTag, tap the microphone icon 🎤 and hold your phone up in front of your face (like you would if you were video-calling somebody). You can then record your message and press the stop icon when you’re finished.

You can then customise your vTag with moves (insert dad dancing) and 3D dad-inspired scenes. Tap the play button to make sure that your vTag looks how you want it to (or play + record if you want to save your vTag to your camera roll).

Now you’re ready to send your vTag to your dad, or upload to your socials 😄.

Happy Father’s Day!

We love seeing your creations! Show us your Father’s Day moments by tagging us on TikTok or Instagram - @vtagme.

Rachael Dingwall (Marketing Associate)