Feel The Fiesta!

Enjoy a spicy serving of Cinco De Mayo celebrations with our latest drop of mariachi madness! From cambaya clothing to cute cacti, we’re bringing everything you need to give your moments that Mexican mood.

Grab your guitarrón and get on down to the trending tab in vTag! Like a party piñata, we’ve loaded the app with an assortment of Mexican treats – take a good swing and see what goodness falls out.

What Can You Expect?

Add some 🔥 to your fiesta with our newly-made neons, cambaya clothing, and themed Cinco De Mayo tees.

Cambaya Clothing

We’re going all out with our Mexican designs for Cinco De Mayo. Start the 3D party in one of our themed tees or keep it traditional with our new collection of Mexican ruffled skirts – complete with authentic detailing. Bring out your inner mariachi with our selection of sombreros, from the classic straw to The Bandito in black, we’ve added Mexican headwear for any mood.

Wanna keep it colourful? Try some cambaya! This Mexican cloth is known for its bright and vivid strips of colour, and we’ve brought the texture to not one, but two new Cinco De Mayo shirts! If you don’t feel like giving your moments a taste of the traditional, try out our new novelty frames. Choose from our Spicy Specs or Guitarrón glasses!

Cinco Scenes

When you’ve dressed your avatar in the best party clothes that vCoin can buy, it’s time to record some Mexican moments! Make your scenes stand out with one of our new neon lights! Think cute cacti, Cinco De Mayo mariachis, and more!

Remember! You can show us your 3D fiestas by tagging us on TikTok or Insta @vtagme. We’ll make sure to feature our favourites!

Me Gusta!

Update now or head to the App Store and download the latest version of vTag to access our Cinco De Mayo pack and much more!

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