Celebrate Diwali!

Diwali has arrived in vTag! We’re making sure to celebrate the Festival of Light right with a glowing selection of 3D delights.

Diwali is one of the biggest events in the Hindu calendar, it’s a celebration of light over darkness, and good over evil with heaps of lamp-lighting and fireworks. 💫

So get those creative juices glowing, and add a 3D spark to your Diwali celebrations this year with vTag. Get your Diwali items while you can, and download our vTag app here.

What Can You Expect?

Create gleaming Diwali moments this light festival season with stylish saris, Diwali designs, and kandeel lanterns right at your fingertips. 🪔

Festival Fits ✨

From traditional outfits to trendy casual looks - there’s everything you need to celebrate in full 3D!

🌟Get that perfect Pooja feel, with our range of sarees and dresses, in a wide array of

colours, fabrics, and festive patterns.

🌟Keep it classic with a Kurtas, and party-ready waistcoats.

🌟Reach new lights with a themed tee and mandala patterns.

🌟Make sure your vMe sparkles from head to toe with our dazzling selection of Diwali


Ready to Glow Up? 💄

Add the finishing touch with some Diwali make-up, with eye looks ready to compliment any sari, and glamorous bindis for that added spark. 🤩

Shining Scenes 🪔

Set the scene for your Diwali moments with a selection of 3D backgrounds.

🌟 Try a traditional Kandeel lantern background, to get your moments glowing.

🌟 Get the party started with our Diwali scene packed with lanterns, flowers, and shooting


Make Your Spark!

Take your celebrations to the next level with personalised 3D messages to wish everyone a ‘Happy Diwali’ this year, and a burst of colour to your social media feed - vTag is ready to light up some festive fun!

Remember to share your Diwali moments with us on Tiktok and Instagram @vTagMe.

Rachael Dingwall (Marketing Associate)