Say 'Hello' to the Radio Show!

We’re bringing a brand new destination to vTime XR, important updates, and some news about the platforms that we support.

Introducing a Brand New Destination to vTime XR

Not too long ago we released two new Theater destinations for the vTime community – The Sports Bar and Video Bowl – and since then, we have been working on bringing another incredible immersive experience to XR.

The time has come to introduce you to the latest addition to our destination catalogue…

Tune in to the radio show!

Our newest destination brings a sociable radio station experience… Play the host and invite up to three friends to join you, see your producers at work in the other room, or just soak in the atmosphere of being ‘on air’.

We’ve Tweaked Some Features

vTime community! If you use XR on iOS or Cardboard, we’ve made it easier for you to connect with friends in our incredible destinations. You no longer need a set of earphones or headphones to experience vTime XR – simply listen through your device’s built-in speakers!

And in more good news, if you'd still prefer to chat using headphones, vTime XR now supports Airpods on iOS! If you're an Android user who still wishes to use headphones, you'll need to use wired headphones for now while we work on polishing Bluetooth support.

Our latest update also brings a fix for iOS users for a bug that prevented you from entering VR mode without the display spinning, so you can now experience a stable earphone-free XR experience!

Platform Updates

We've updated some of the software we use to build vTime XR. This, coupled with platform support ending for some headsets, means that we can’t release any new updates for… Oculus Go, Windows Mixed Reality, Google Daydream, and Samsung Gear VR but as always, we will continue to maintain XR on those platforms for as long as possible.

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Daniel Sefton (vTime Marketing)