Get Feelin’ ‘22 With vTag

It’s time to hit control-alt-delete for 2021 and start anew, as we welcome in 2022! So join the party and get vibin’ with our New Year’s item drop🎉.

The party poppers are waiting to be pulled, your star glasses are fresh with glitter, and the fireworks are ready to be lit - get ready to wave goodbye to 2021.

It’s time to celebrate, so put on your vTag glad rags, and start counting down in full 3D!

Head to the App Store and download vTag to join the New Year’s vTag party!

What Can You Expect?

It’s 2022, and we’re bringing the party to you, with everything you’ll need to celebrate from outfits, scenes, and party moves to get you into that glitter groove!

Glistenin’ Garments ✨

Is glitter your signature colour? Well you won’t want to miss out on our dazzling drop of glitzy ball gowns - sure to get you sparkling into the new year. Slay into 2022 with a party blazer - in gold, leopard print and more! Or start the party with a novelty hat, themed tee, or glittering star glasses - getting you ready for that midnight chime! 🤩

Shining Scenes 🌟

Alexa , play Firework by Katy Perry… Add a burst of New Year’s fun to your 3D moments, with our celebratory backgrounds. Why not stand out from the crowd and give one of our neons a try? If you need a bit more spark, our balloon and firework scenes will be sure to get you walking in a confetti wonderland.

Cheers 🥂

Bring the party into your own home, get creative, and share your New Year magic moments with friends. So, grab a ballgown, swip into a party scene, and jump into some midnight vTag moves!

We can’t wait to see your New Year’s moments, so make sure to share them with us on Instagram or TikTok @vtagme!

Rachael Dingwall (Marketing Associate)