(3D) Love is in the air in vTag!

Sweetheart or simp, we’ve got you covered this Valentine’s Day. With our latest update, we’re bringing you everything you need to send a little bit of 3D love to your special someone – think backgrounds for bae, clothes for your cutie, and scenes for your snacc. All you have to do is download the Valentine’s pack!

It’s that time again, when your Insta feed is flooded with other humans sharing special moments with special people. But it isn’t so easy making those special moments happen IRL these days, especially if the people who run your country are telling you to keep your distance from bae.

So how can you share a special moment without actually being there?

You send a little bit of 3D love ❤️

Valentine’s Day is all about appreciation, and everyone deserves some of that. Take your voice, expressions, and style – all the things that make you...well, you – and bundle them together into a romantic avatar message.

Whether you wanna send some love to your link, make your Valentine’s Day a Palentine’s Day, or simp from the sidelines, vTag has the answer!

What Can You Expect?

Load some love into your 3D messages with an extra-special clothing drop and romantic scenes that will melt even the coldest of hearts.

Cute Clothing

Valentine’s day wouldn’t be the same without some catchy slogans, so we’ve added some romantic tops to our cute collection. There’s a saying for any situation, so whether you wanna show the world just how single you are or declare your undying love for your one and only, you can say it loud and proud through some 3D garment goodness.

Beloved Backgrounds

How deep is your love? Add an extra dimension to your avatar messages with some romantic 3D backgrounds. Set the scene with falling rose petals, fill the room with romantic balloons, or say it in lights with our new selection of Valentine’s neons!

But What’s This?

Cny Image 01 V2

If Valentine’s Day isn’t your thing (or you just want your avatar to live their best 3D life), then take a look at our freshest item drop. We’ve brought some cosy clothing to get you through the colder months. Think chunky knitwear, fur-lined coats, and a whole new range of double pom pom hats so that you can mix and match your winter looks.

For our friends celebrating Chinese New Year, we’re also bringing some celebratory items into the app! You can now share some luck with our themed tees, enhance your messages with 3D neons, or bring a touch of the traditional with our new patterned clothing line.

Be Mine?

Head to the App Store and download the latest version of vTag to access our Valentine’s pack and much more!

Daniel Sefton (vTime Marketing)