vTag Lands in the U.S.A.

Now available in the U.S. on iOS, vTag uses the latest in AR technology to enable our community to create, share, and discover 3D avatar moments that live in the real world!

It’s time to party like it’s the 4th of July, because vTag is coming to the U.S. of A! Back in July, we released our avatar-based messaging app in the UK, and from today, users in America can bring personal 3D avatar moments into their world through augmented reality (AR).

Not in the US?

No problem! vTag is available globally – from Australia to Austria, Jamaica to Japan, or Malaysia to Mexico, you can get creative with personalized avatars that live in the real world. In fact, the only country where vTag isn’t yet available is China!

What is vTag?

vTag is the first cross-world 3D avatar messaging app, enabling you to make up to six highly customizable avatars and bring them to life with your own facial expressions and body movements!

Send vTags directly to be viewed in full 3D through the AR camera, drop them in real-world locations for friends to find later, or use them to level up your social through immersive AR content! Use the app’s built-in scenes, dances, and emotes to give your vTags a creative edge, and flex the latest outfits with regular item drops!

Combine all these features and you have more than just a message – you have a 3D avatar moment, or as we call it, a vTag!

But I need to know more!

We’ve designed vTag to unlock the creativity in our community, giving you everything you need to explore this new medium of self expression.

The app has been designed to give you the space to get creative with meme culture, fashion, and fast-moving social trends. Express yourself in avatar form or use vTag to become whoever you want to be!

We will also be dropping the latest styles, moves, and scenes in the vTag shop so that you can create truly personalized avatar moments.

What’s next?

We’ve built vTag for our community, and we are always on the lookout for suggestions about how our users can get the most out of the app. We’ve already released some early-access features for you to try out, and your feedback will help us to refine and improve the app for everyone!

You can send your suggestions to feedback@vtag.com

Over the next few months, we’re bringing in features to help you to make your vTags even more creative, and we’re working to expand the app to include featured content from our favorite artists and brands. This means that in the future, you can share in 3D avatar moments from the people and companies that you love, whether you’re sitting at home, or you’re out in the real world!

You can download vTag from the App Store here or visit vTag.com for more information.

Daniel Sefton (vTime Marketing)