It’s vTime for a change…..

At vTime, we’re always keen to listen to your feedback and to evolve the network alongside the community. Many of you have written in with your suggestions and ideas - we’ve listened, and it’s time for a change…

Firstly, vTime is growing up! In response to overwhelming user feedback, we are raising the minimum age for using vTime to 16 years of age from May 18th, 2018. This means our terms and conditions are changing, and you’ll need to accept our new agreement before May the 25th to carry on using our network.

Sadly, we’ll be saying goodbye to a few of our loyal users who are not yet 16. All of our users will receive an email over the next few days with links to accept the new terms and conditions, or with instructions to download your data quickly and easily.

Secondly, we’re making changes to give you more visibility on the data that you share with us. On May the 25th, data protection rules across Europe will undergo their biggest change in over 20 years, bringing legislation in line with the digital age and the amount of personal data that we now share. Called the European General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR), the law changes how businesses handle your information.

At vTime, we’ve always treated your data with the upmost respect, never asking for any personal information that wasn’t absolutely necessary to bring you the sociable network you know and love. We’re incredibly happy that GDPR will force all social networks to adopt the open, transparent and simple approach to your data and privacy we’ve always championed.

To make things even clearer, we’ve rewritten our privacy policy in plain language, broken down how your data is used by us, and given you new tools to control the data that we hold on you.

You can read our full and updated privacy policy here, but here are the pillars that our policy is built upon:

  • We only ask for and store personal data that’s essential to the running of our service  
  • We treat your privacy and the security of your data as our highest priority
  • We NEVER sell your data to any third parties
  • We only keep your data for as little time as we need to
  • You can ask to see the data we hold on you at any time by emailing
  • You delete your data at any time by deleting your account 

From May 18th, all users will have access to the following tool:

  • Download my Stuff: This button allows you to download all the files and messages that you’ve uploaded to, or created in vTime. Find it in your Account Settings on 

We’d like to thank you for supporting vTime. We’ll be introducing many new, exciting features and platforms in the future and hope you will continue to enjoy our unique, sociable network.

Thank you!

Vicky Roberts (Director of Marketing and Business Development)