vTime Launches for Windows Mixed Reality

Our Microsoft launch title takes advantage of voice recognition and inside-out tracking for an even more sociable experience. 

One of 67 apps chosen to launch Microsoft's mission to 'democratize virtual reality', vTime for Windows Mixed Reality is now available from the Microsoft store. Free to download and use and with new features exclusive to the Windows Mixed Reality platform, vTime takes full advantage of the headset's functionality to bring ultra-immersive social VR to millions of Windows 10 users!

Working alongside our gaze-driven and motion controller activated menu systems, the Windows Mixed Reality community can use 'See It, Say It' to select items from the menu using voice recognition. Simply say any word surrounded by quotation marks while looking at the menu to activate the function. 

The headset's inside-out tracking capabilities and motion controllers also allow for a more expressive conversation. With no external sensors to set-up, the headset is up and running instantly, while the motion controllers add a deeper level of connectivity to your conversations by bringing your real hands into the session. 

Pre-orders for the family of Windows Mixed Reality headsets will be landing in the hands of their owners from today. Made by Microsoft partners HP, Dell, Lenovo, Acer, Samsung and Asus, and with prices starting at just $399, the headsets are compatible with a huge range of existing PCs running the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update, as well as a new range of Windows Mixed Reality-ready PCs.  

As the vTime family grows, we're excited to welcome a new wave of people who'll use vTime to chat, meet and share with others around the world, for business, pleasure and more. We'd love to hear how you're finding vTime for Windows Mixed Reality, or any of our supported platforms. Email your feedback, ideas, or issues to feedback@vtime.net.

Vicky Roberts (Director of Marketing and Business Development)