vMotes Arrive on Cardboard, Daydream and iOS

vMotes, our suite of virtual gestures, are now available for Cardboard, Daydream, and iPhone. Now the entire vTime community can add extra expression with a menu of virtual emojis in sessions, including blow kiss, wave, and celebrate! 

The mini-menu makes also its debut on iOS, Daydream and Cardboard, giving all our users a quick shortcut to our most popular functions, including ‘Add Friend’, ‘Make Host’, and more.

For our Cardboard and iOS users, vMotes are also available to use in Cardboard and Magic Window mode.

To use vMotes in Magic Window mode, double tap anywhere to bring up the menu.

To use vMotes in Cardboard mode on iOS and Android, tap and hold anywhere.

To use vMotes on Daydream, point the controller anywhere, and hold down the button on your Daydream Controller for 2 seconds.

The full list of available vMotes: Wave, OK, Thumbs Up, Shrug, Clap, Thumbs Down, Peace, Devil Horns, Salute, Hands Up, Celebrate, Hug, Blow Kiss, Love (heart hands), Happy Dance, Robot Dance. You can also point anywhere in the scene.

The mini menu can be used in session with other users as a shortcut to popular social actions, or alone to change seats.

To activate the mini menu in Magic Window mode, double tap on another user, or a seat you’d like to move to in session, and the menu will appear.

To use the mini menu with Daydream, if you're in a session with another person, point the Daydream Controller at them and press the center button. If you’re in a session alone, point the controller at a seat you would like to move to.

To use the mini-menu in Cardboard mode on iOS and Android, tap and hold on a user or a seat you’d like to move to to activate the menu.

Vicky Roberts (Director of Marketing and Business Development)