Our 2.9 update has arrived, and with it comes a sneak peek at how we’ll be building upon vTime in the future. From today, all 20 of our destinations are available on-demand, or to download permanently. So what does this mean for our users? 

Vtime Vr Social Network Optional Destinations 1600 900

This change in how vTime is built means that vTime can take up much less space on your device, and leaves us with a handy new way to bring new content to the community.

After updating, none of our library of destinations will be stored on your device unless you choose them to be. A trip to the Destinations tab will look same as it always has, but selecting a destination for the first time will take you to a new screen; a star-filled waiting space.

vtime vr social network optional destinations

You’ll notice that your chosen destination is now loading, with the option to download the destination permanently to your device via checkbox towards the bottom. If you choose not to download a destination, your recently visited places will be held on your device for instant loading.

If you join a session taking place in a destination that you haven't visited recently or downloaded onto your device, then you’ll enter the waiting space while the destination loads on your device. You’ll still be able to talk to your vTime friends as normal while this occurs.

vtime vr social network optional destinations 4

All destinations can be managed from the Library tab, where you’re able to download any destination permanently to your device, or delete destinations already saved.

vtime vr social network optional destinations 3

Destinations that have been downloaded to your device will have a small green tick in the corner of the image thumbnail  on the Destinations menu.

vtime vr social network optional destinations 2

Users who wish to use vTime as normal can do so by downloading all of the destinations.

We'd love to hear how you're finding the new structure, so email any ideas on how we could improve our optional content, feedback, or issues to feedback@vtime.net.