How to use the Personal Shield

The Personal Shield allows our users to take control of their personal space in vTime while in session with people using Touch Controllers. 

When activated, the personal shield prevents users from touching your avatar, or invading your space with their hands. The shield is on by default, and you can choose whether to allow your friends access to your inner-circle. 

When the shield is active, your avatar will be surrounded by an invisible force-field. Any users that try to touch you will come up against the shield, and will be blocked from moving forward. You can choose to keep the shield active for all users, to only allow access for your friends list, or to switch it off completely. 

How to use the Personal Shield

  • Head to the vTime menu. You’ll see a new option has appeared under your avatar bubble, to the very right of the row.
  • The Shield is automatically on for all our users. When on the icon is orange.
  • To turn it off completely, select the icon once. It will turn red and you will be notified that the personal shield is now off.
  • To turn it off for friends only, select the icon again. It will change to yellow. 
  • To turn it back on for all users, select it again. 
V Time Personal Shield Icons

Vicky Roberts (Director of Marketing and Business Development)