We're heading for the Outer Limits...

Deep space exploration awaits in new vTime destination, Outer Limits! vTime update 'Spaced Out' is now live for Rift, Gear and Cardboard. 

The 'Spaced Out' update also sees the introduction of a new image format to add 3D flair to your memories. But first, more about our new destination! Journey to the outer reaches of the known universe to get sociable with up to three friends in our cosmic outpost, Outer Limits. Drink in the color-gone-nuclear explosion of the surrounding nebulae, and marvel as magnetic fields blaze in the void surrounding you.. There’s even a robot on hand to attend to the maintenance and chores. Be sure to tip him, or conversation can get a little mechanical. Explore our new destination in the video below.  

We've also added support for side by side stereo images. Why share flat images, when you can relive your memories in 3D! If you have none at your disposal, don't fret. While there are plenty available to download now on the internet, we've created a step-by-step guide to help you make your own. Watch us create an image you'll find in your library here. We also used the opportunity to introduce you to our mighty QA team.

What else does update 2.0 hold? There are a whole load of performance improvements, our downloader has been given some love to make installs and updates even easier. Our Cardboard family will also notice vTime now remembers their chosen control method, so you can carry on dragging or tilting to look around without interruption. 

Head into vTime now to update! Available on Google Play, Oculus Home, and the Gear VR Oculus store.

Vicky Roberts (Director of Marketing and Business Development)