MWC / 4YFN Day 3 – The final countdown

It’s was the last day of 4YFN (not of MWC!) so it was our last chance to shine. We didn’t. We glowed!

The A team met early (as usual) to enjoy a hearty breakfast and swap stories of how we’d been up all night scrubbing pink gunk off our clothes (see yesterday’s blog). Not something we normally discuss at these sort of shows.

Well, one of the A team enjoyed a hearty breakfast.

The other had to sit and watch, as I hadn’t yet got my replacement insulin. Not that I’m bitter, you understand. No. I wasn’t bitter. Just bloody hungry.

So, off to the show, via a pharmacy to source the much needed insulin.

I love Spain You can buy hard drugs over the counter here. Marvelous.

Equipped with supplies we arrived at the stand for another busy day. Our morning was taken up with meeting journalists, greeting Young Explorers and generally preaching the gospel according to vTime.


As per the previously discussed format, the quiet morning picked up post mid day siesta and in the afternoon we had our first ever orderly queue to try vTime!

Well, I say orderly queue. It was a queue, for sure. Orderly? Not so much.

I think we may need a velvet rope (mmm, velvet rope…) and some queue monkeys to bolster our demo monkeys at future shows. And perhaps a VIP area. Yes, definitely a VIP area.

Our hearts were lifted when we heard that show was due to close early today, at 6!

But 6 came and went and the crowds were still there. And so were we. Oh, the dedication.

Eventually the after show beers started calling and we packed up and shipped out.
As we were leaving, we suddenly realized why the show was called 4 Years From Now.

It’s because, by the end, you see how you will look 4 years from now.

And the answer is, tired. But happy. Very, very happy.

Goodbye 4YFN. And thanks for all the fish.


Following a short walk back to the A team hotel, towing a very heavy “stand-in-a-box” behind us, we met sat down to dinner.

We were joined at the best restaurant of the week by our Glorious Leader who, for most of the day, had been doing Glorious and Leadery things. Much dead animal consumption and strategic thinking was done. The wine and the conversation flowed – a little slower than on previous evenings but team batteries were running very low.

Having made our plans for world domination and what time to meet tomorrow for our assault on an unsuspecting MWC, we adjourned for a (relatively) early night.

Day three – tick.

Day 4 – we’re off the conquer the world. Well, the Mobile World Congress at least.

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