MWC / 4YFN Day 2 – It’s a steal!

Day 2 dawns and a very tired A & support team pass muster and gather again at the show.

It’s obvious now that here in Spain pre siesta activity is “light”, whilst post 5pm is busy! And so it proved today. A trickle of early callers turned into more of a flood as the day wore on.

The support team left the A team on the stand to have several secret squirrel meetings off site with very large cheeses. The cheeses were impressed. Very impressed. Enough said.

The reception to vTime on the stand continues to be universally positive – embarrassingly so at times. From VC to content holders, the world loves vTime.

We thought CES was hard work, but here it doesn’t finish until 8pm and, as mentioned, it’s really busy after 5. So when the end of the show time came, a weary crew set off back to the hotel and then for dinner.

Our Glorious Leader was a little under the weather, so it was just the three of us. Food was eaten, wine was drunk. A good time was had by all.

Until the walk back to the hotel.

Yesterday, the worst I got was a black eye. Toady we were robbed.

Nothing serious – in fact, possibly the politest hold up in history. 

The aforementioned wine made us a little bit slow on the uptake and before we knew what had happened we’d fallen for an old style street con and someone made off with my bag. Hey ho. The world is full of @*!*s, and the law of averages says you have to bump into one occasionally.

All he got was a bag of useless, cancelled cards, some insulin ( I DO hope he tries it!) and three packs of sugar lumps. Probably not the star lift of his night.

A little chastened and still covered in the goo they squirted on us as part of the subterfuge, we arrived back at the hotel for a lengthy period of coat scrubbing.

And finally bed.

Despite “the unfortunate incident of the dick in the night time”, the day was a roaring success.

And when I say roaring, I mean ROARING.

I’ll let you know when I can what the roar was.

Day 2 – tick.

Minus a bag but plus a damn sight more. 

Day 3 awaits.

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