How to send messages to your vTime friends with vText

Our new private messaging feature allows you to vText your vTime friends whether they're online or offline. 

While the virtual world has seen transatlantic friendships flourish, and distant strangers become bosom buddies, staying in touch when you’ve left the metaverse has so far proved to be problematic. Until now, that is…

Introducing vText, vTime’s new private messaging feature! vText allows you to send and receive messages from your vTime friends.

Never again will you fire up vTime only to find you just missed your mates. Use vText to arrange a hang-out before you head in. And it doesn’t matter if you’re in vTime, or out-and-about and without your headset. Messages can be sent and read from the vTime website.

Friend not online? No problem. vText allows you to message your buddies whether they’re online or offline, so you can always stay connected.

Making it possible to arrange meet-ups, chat outside of the network, or even explain why you can’t chat right now, vText’s arrival means you never need miss out again! 

How to send a vText:

1. Go to the Connections Screen.

2. Select the avatar bubble of the friend you wish to send a message to. You can only vText friends at present. If they’re not online, go to List View by selecting the icon in the top left hand corner, and find your chosen friends in the Friends tab, or by using Search. 

Vcast Vtext

3. Select vText from the options that appear below your friend’s avatar bubble.

4. A messaging window will appear, with three options along the bottom; ‘Write’, ‘Clear’ and ‘Close’. 

5. Select ‘write’ to compose your message. 

V Time V Text

6. If you’re using Magic Window mode or on the Rift, use your keyboard to type out your message. If you’re in VR, use the VR keyboard.

7. You can use emojis in your vTexts by using the correct emoji code in your message. Find a full list of available emojis here

V Time V Text 7

8. Your message will now appear in a message thread.

9. You can clear the vText window at any time by selecting the clear option. You cannot delete individual messages at present. Clearing the window will not remove the messages from your friend’s message thread. 

10. Exit from the conversation thread by selecting ‘Close’.

V Time V Text 2

How to read your vTexts

1. Whenever you’re sent a vText by one of your friends, if you’re in VR, you’ll receive a notification on screen alerting you to the message. You can also see unread vText alerts as an icon that will appear on the Connections tab on the connections screen. If you’re offline and have push notifications enabled, you’ll receive an alert telling you that you’ve received a vText. You’ll also receive an email notifying you of the message.

V Time V Text 2

2. To view the message in VR, go to the Connections screen, then go to List View by selecting the icon in the top left corner.

V Time V Text 3

3. Head to the Pending tab. Now as well as your pending friend requests, you’ll also see any vTexts that you’ve received.

4. Select the avatar bubble of the friend you have received a vText from, then select vText.

V Time V Text 5

5. Your vText thread will open, leaving you free to read the message.

6. You can reply by selecting the Write option.  

V Time V Text 6

Vicky Roberts (Director of Marketing and Business Development)