Explore Our Chilled New Destinations

Our latest update adds some new destinations to your vTime itinerary! Now you can get sociable in the chilly calm of Arctic Expedition, or take your seat aboard our Executive Jet.

We've also added in a few new features to vTime version 1.3, or vTime Blue as we like to call it:

  • Clock Added to vTime Menu: Some of you have been whiling away a bit more time than you'd bargained for in vTime sessions, so multiple requests for a clock came our way. Our latest update sees a clock appears in your avatar bubble when you open the menu.
  • Avatar Name Plate Improvements: You know the score. You've been in a session with some pretty cool people, but you suddenly realise that you don't have a clue what their names are. Firstly, any time you change destination, whenever someone new enters the session, and even if you change host, each avatar's name will appear above their head. Secondly, even after the name plate has disappeared, accessing the Connections screen will bring up names again. We're working on a smoother solution, but this will make things a bit easier for now. 
  • Change Seat Position in Session: If you're the host and there's a free seat in the session, feel free to move to the spot with the best vantage point! As the host (or on your own), go to Options in the system menu to change seat. 

Let us know what you think of our new environments at next week's FOURum! Our forthcoming event, in which vTime developers chat to the community, will allow us to chat with our European users for the first time, as we're holding it at 8pm GMT on February 4th. 

See you in vTime!

Vicky Roberts (Director of Marketing and Business Development)