CES 2016 day 5 - TFI Friday

Wahoo! The last day of the show.  Oh, wait. It's not.

In years gone by, Friday would have been the last day of CES and we would all be exhausted and relieved. But this year there's a Saturday as well, so we're exhausted and apprehensive.  

But first things first.  We had to do today. So another early breakfast was followed by the obligatory bus ride to the halls. Earlier in the week, the buses were filled with excited chatter in anticipation of the day ahead. Today, more snoring really. 

The day was busy, though noticeably less so than the previous two.  Still, my fellow demo monkey and I were kept busy most of the day showing off our wears.  And still a constant stream of top tier content holders, hardware manufacturers and VCs stopped by for a chat and a quick vTime. It was another fruitful day and notable that several people had been actively seeking us out, so the good word is spreading.  

Our demo kit (mobile phones and headsets) is, of course, designed for "light use". So, on their third day of constant hammering they were beginning to play up a bit, making the demos even more fun! But we soldiered thorough and everyone got to see the future.

After the show we went back to the hotel, on the coma coach, with well intended plans of going straight to bed for an early night.

The fact I'm writing this so late this morning shows you how well that went.

Day 4 - tick. 

Day 5 - you've got to be joking!

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