CES 2016 Day 4 - "I have a dream!"

Day 4 arrived and so did the crowds. It was time to spread the word.

The A team met for breakfast (which felt more like a late dinner) and plotted the plan of action for the day. Which, basically, was the same as the plan of action for yesterday. Several secret squirrel meetings, demos, collapse exhausted into bed. 

We also did our review of yesterday, which included our interview with the Daily Mail (UK newspaper).  "Forget Facebook" was the headline. Rock on. 

So, time to execute the plan. A short coach ride took us to the convention centre and, after setting up the kit, and doing a camera interview with Associated Press, we were ready to go.

And go we did. Another full on day of demanding demos and, I must admit, I did get a bit Martin Luther King at one point, preaching our dream to our growing church.

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We had some great visitors to the stand. We can't name them, for obvious reasons. 

But just imagine, if you can, one of the world's biggest musicians being interviewed in vTime, whilst drinking the world's leading soft drink, all being watched either on one of the USA's leading TV broadcasters or in VR using a HMD from one of the world's leading toy brands. We MAY have met all the right people to make that happen.

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So, exhausted but ebullient, we headed back to the hotel, then off to the UploadVR party. 

You may have seen us there. We were the four asleep in the corner.

Day 4 - tick. 

Day 5 - can we do it again?

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