CES 2016 Day 3 - Starship takes off

Well, what a day!

Up at the crack of going to bed time, The A Team assembled again (Dah de Dah, Dum Dum Dum) in the hotel lobby, ready to set off to meet our destiny. Tea, coffee and sticky cinnamon buns in hand, we jumped in a cab and set off for CES.

Much testing, rebooting, onboarding and inserting Flap A into Slot B later, we had all the kit up and running and ready to show off vTime to an adoring (hopefully) public.

10 am. The whistle blew, the flag went down and we were off! And, five minutes later, so was the PC which was supposed to be showing live vTime sessions on the TV.

Technical glitches aside, the crowd began to grow and we did our first live demonstration. It went well. Then we did another. That went better. Then we did another. Then another. And then it was 6 o’clock! Where on earth did the day go?

We were overwhelmed by the interest in vTime and it was a non-stop, full on, adrenaline fueled day of demonstrations, interviews, meetings, more demonstrations, TV filming, you name it, we did it. The A Team smashed it. And the grown ups did quite well too!


The only serious casualty to report is my voice, which decided it was time to go home a few hours before I did. But it’s nothing a few beers and a good sleep won’t fix. Hopefully.

Seriously, what a day. I think it exceeded all of our expectations and proved, if we didn’t already know, that we have something really special in vTime.
The highlight of my day, personally, was probably the demonstration I did to a Chinese trade delegation, through a simultaneous translator (person, not app). Classic.

Now, you’re probably dying to know what else good there is at the show. Well, frankly, so are we. We didn’t get a minute to leave the stand and look round, so general show reports will have to follow.

And here’s a head’s up. We may well be having a very special guest visit the stand on Friday. We’ll keep you posted.

So, unable now to stand, walk or talk (not that I was great at any of those things before) I say Day 3 – tick.

Day 4 – Well, it couldn’t get better. Could it?

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