Are you ready for your close-up? We've added record and playback functionality in Early Access to vTime, so now you can record your sessions and vCasts for others to view on demand. With full rotational tracking and spatial audio, it's just like watching live!

V Time Record In Early Access

The latest early access addition allows you to entertain an even larger audience with vCast - our unique ‘broadcast yourself in VR’ feature. vCast allows you to broadcast your sessions live to an unlimited number of vTime users, on mobile and tethered VR headsets. Think of it as a new VR channel for podcasts, chat shows, panels and more! And now, through our new record and playback functionality, your content can now be viewed an unlimited number of times, by the entire vTime community. 

Learn how to record your sessions and vCasts here. 

And that’s not all! Spread the word about your upcoming vCast by creating a listing on, and share the event across your existing social networks. Your audience can mark themselves as ‘Attending’ to receive updates and notifications when your vCast is about to begin, and link directly to the session.

Learn how to promote your live and recorded vCasts here

Next year will see us launch the full feature sets of both vCast and our record and playback features, with added extras such as producer tools to help you create something really special, and 360 vCast sharing to other social platforms. Remember to send us your feedback so that we can craete the feature that you want to see, and if you're a content creator, get in touch with any great ideas you have for using the network. 

See you in vTime!