Seconds out - round one! DING! And the fight is on. Who will win? Will it be the GDC or the WTS blog. YOU DECIDE

Well, the day has come. The first time the vTime away team has split and gone their separate ways. One team has flown to GDC / VRDC in San Francisco whilst we have driven to The Wearable Technology Show at Excel in London.

Both will preach the vTime gospel. Both will blog.

But only one blog can win.

Yes, it’s the BATTLE OF THE BLOGS. And here’s the first salvo, from WTS 2016, London.

First of course, we have to answer the main question – what are the team names?

Well, we’re claiming ‘The A Team’ title. Not just because we’re first to blog, but also because we’re the only team with a bona fide Mr. T – yes, USA team may have our Glorious Leader, but we have our own Mr. T - Tony. So, let’s wait and see what the USA team choose to be called. I’ll leave it to them.

We set off bright and early (well, bright, anyway) from the frozen north to head to “That London”. Following our gourmet lunch (see photo) we arrived at Excel in London to set up the WTS stand and scope out how our keynote talk tomorrow will work - because, it's not exactly what you might expect!


After walking around the hall (at least) twice, we stumbled upon our space, with the stand numbering system not exactly what you’d call ‘intuitive’.

Stand up, badges claimed and presentation room researched, we set off to find our hotel.

Now, at MWC Barcelona, we discovered our hotel was just about as far away from the exhibition center as was possible, whilst still being in Spain.

Here, however….Bingo! And not only is it within spitting distance from Excel, it’s a boat! Yes, a real life yacht hotel. 


Now, before you think we’ve let success go to our heads, it’s a very small yacht. As super-yachts go, that is.

Piped on board, checked in and with all provisions stowed, we made haste to find a local eatery – which we did. And very good it was, too.

So, we’re all set. Stand up. Keynote ready. Yacht boarded.

Off we sail, into the distance of tomorrow – when we take vTime to the masses, deliver a keynote on Sociable Virtual Reality (catch it LIVE and later on vTime Periscope!) and, at 4.45pm, discover how we’ve done in the WTS awards (fingers & toes crossed).

Cast off – it’s time to Excel in London

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