How do you write a GDC blog post when every day was filled to capacity with secret meetings? Well dear reader, you're about to find out...

I join this battle of the blogs feeling slightly on the back foot. Yes, we were at the Games Developers Conference (GDC) in one of the greatest cities in the world, and yes, I had half of the A-Team with me, but unlike the blog I’m battling against, we weren’t exhibiting vTime in San Francisco. So what to share?

While our activities at the Wearable Technology Show were in front of the camera, the nature of our visit to GDC was very much behind closed doors. We had meetings. Lots of them. And while I’m not able to share the contents and upshot from each of them with you, I can say that we all went to our respective beds very happy indeed!

Img 2122
Blurry GDC action shot taken on an escalator

So, as 85% of our visit was not for public consumption, I’ve decided to share the bits that were. Some have absolutely nothing to do with vTime or GDC. Bear with me.

vTime GDC 2016

We arrived to weather not dissimilar to the weather that we flew 6500 miles to avoid. Despite the gloom, our time on the plane saw news of vTime’s Cardboard launch disseminate across the planet. Write-ups in MashableDigital Trends and Road to VR, and a prime feature on CNET spread the word of our VR social network spread far and further. Big smiles all round.

Tuesday at GDC welcomed Sony’s PlayStation VR keynote. We were announced as one of 230 developers working on titles for the platform. Hold on to your HMD, vTime for PSVR is coming soon


And this is where my blog post loses the plot. All that remains is a sequence of random photographs taken throughout our week in San Francisco. 

vTime GDC 2016
We met a dog called Universe. We felt drawn to him immediately. Starship. Universe. You get it.
Img 2131
I sat in a massive chair. It was so big that I had to close one of my eyes while the picture was taken.
I also sat in a chair with a princess.
GDC vTime 2016
Paul tried out (or looked at) some cool stuff.
Image 1
Paul made a new best friend.
Img 2079
Paul and Martin got nostalgic over WRC. (They made WRC 1-5 at Evolution Studios for PS2)
Img 2115
We saw some pretty incredible sights.

A pigeon came into my hotel room. Some readers may find the following video disturbing. 

Img 2095
I ate some delicious food. Mainly cheese.
Paul went full demo monkey at Wired HQ.

Martin and Paul swapped faces. The results were disconcerting. 

Img 2023
... and then we flew home

And that's a wrap! I'm sure you'll agree that it's like you were there with us. Next time I agree to join a battle of the blogs, it will be when at least 60% of the day-to-day goings on are blogable. Until next time...

Vicky Roberts (Director of Marketing and Business Development)