All aboard the Empire Express!

The vTime 1.10 Update, 'Ticket to Ride' is now ready to depart. Please have your tickets ready...

All aboard! The Empire Express is ready for boarding. Experience our new steam-powered destination in the latest vTime update, ‘Ticket to Ride’!

vTime HQ is currently a hive of activity. The team are going full steam ahead testing and finalizing vTime version 2.0. But there’s still one stop left on our version one journey. The new update, available to download now from the Oculus Store and Google Play, adds a new place to get sociable in to your library!

Empire Express draws deeply from the art deco era railways. Taking inspiration from Agatha Christie’s decadent steam train locations, our locomotive carriage brings with it the glamour and mystery of a bygone age!

See you in vTime!

Vicky Roberts (Director of Marketing and Business Development)