vTime at the Kin Social

The Starship Crew had the pleasure of demoing vTime to Liverpool's finest at the monthly Kin Social, and for many, it was their first experience of virtual reality.

We travelled to LA to show press and VR enthusiasts vTime, but Tuesday saw us reveal the network to people a little closer to home - the street next to ours, in fact, at the monthly Kin Social.

The Kin Social is a monthly networking event for Liverpool's makers, doers, movers and shakers, and an opportunity to learn more about the incredible creative work happening within the UK right now.

This month, attendees were treated to a talk from the mighty Marshmallow Laser Feast, who took the audience through their impressive body of work with delightful irreverence. The Starship Crew were also on hand to take willing participants into the virtual realm.

Gear VRs at the ready, Liverpool was treated to a first peek at our mobile social VR network. vTiming in the wild is always a treat, and showing the network to people who have never experienced VR before never fails to raise a massive grin from us. It's different for everybody, but it's an experince similar to seeing yourself in the mirror for the first time.

You can find out more about Liverpool's Kin2Kin network and upcoming events here. We'll be posting about more opportunities to experience vTime on our social channels soon!

All pictures by Craig Magee.

Vicky Roberts (Director of Marketing and Business Development)