Mobile Social VR - Coming Soon to a Smartphone Near You...

Today we announce our latest product in development, vTime - the mobile social VR network. Launching in November, it transforms your smartphone into a passport to the metaverse.

The virtual reality revolution is almost upon us. Come winter, the first consumer headsets will hit the market allowing us all to temporarily leave behind our mortal coil, and set sail for more fantastical places. From high end devices such as the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and Playstation VR, through to the Google Cardboard, these headsets will bring with them new levels of immersion for the public, and give creatives and developers a new medium with which to play.

And play with it we have. Our studio, vTime Limited, is staffed by veteran developers, with a long history in innovation and the creation of breathtaking 3D worlds. Between us, we've created over 100 console games and apps, including numerous platform launch titles and No. 1 titles. vTime is the product in which all of that experience culminates.

Using only a smartphone and a VR headset, our cross-platform network vTime will allow anyone to spend time with friends and family around the globe in incredible 3D environments. in vTime, you can chat, listen to music, and share images, videos and spherical media. Just download the app, connect to your VR headset, and go!

vTime allows you to personalise your experience. Customise your avatar completely, create friends lists, and host virtual meet-ups and events. Make new friends using vTime search, using interests and trending topics to locate new people.

Don't have a headset, or have friends without one? No problem, friends without a headset can still be a part of the conversation by using Mono VR – a 2D window into the vTime metaverse. Using a phone, PC or tablet, spectators are able to view public events happening within vTime.

We launch our open alpha in November. Sign up to the mailing list now for announcement news, new features, calls for testers and to be amongst the first to vTime.

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Vicky Roberts (Director of Marketing and Business Development)