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28th Oct 19 / vTime Admin

Working at the cutting edge of technology since 2013, vTime is a leading AR and VR engagement company based in Liverpool, UK. Best known for vTime XR – a cross-platform, cross-reality sociable network that allows anyone, anywhere to socialise in AR and VR – our immersive experiences are enjoyed by people in over 190 countries with more than one million downloads to date.

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Based in the heart of Liverpool’s Baltic Triangle - voted coolest place to live in Britain by The Times – our vibrant studio is home to some of the best development talent in the country. And we’re growing. We're looking for a data analyst to join us at our Liverpool headquarters. An exciting role backed by a suite of great benefits, here's your opportunity to join one of Europe's most exciting tech startups.

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Key information

  • Job title: Data Analyst
  • Reporting to: Principal Analyst
  • Employment Type: Full time
  • Salary: Competitive
  • Start date: Immediate
  • Location: vTime headquarters, The Baltic Triangle, Liverpool

About the Role


We’re looking for an analyst with a creative and determined approach, good programming skills, and experience using big data architectures, including AWS. You’ll work closely with the analytics and software development teams to measure and communicate product health and to determine the impact of strategies for product development. Key to this role will be an aptitude for interpreting complex data sets and visualising them in an accessible way to the team.


  • Develop and maintain databases, data collection systems, data analytics and other strategies using the AWs architecture (Data Pipelines, Redshift, and Command Line Interface).
  • Write and optimise analysis queries using SQL, and R or Python to transform raw data into product KPIs and extract insights.
  • Conduct exploratory analysis, identifying and interpreting in complex data sets using statistical techniques and provide ongoing reports.
  • Deploy live, automated, interactive, reports and dashboards that can be easily interpreted by key stakeholders.

About You


You will:

  • Be willing to learn, teach, and be adaptable
  • Be a resourceful and enthusiastic problem solver
  • Have good communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Be able to work both independently and collaboratively in an agile environment
  • Have strong attention to detail
  • Enjoy working in a fast-paced studio

Education, Qualifications, and Certificates

We’re looking for someone with:

  • A degree in computer science, business, statistics, engineering or a related discipline with an analytics bias, or demonstrable industry experience working as a data analyst.

Knowledge and experience

Things you must have:

  • Good numeracy with an aptitude for solving analytical problems, frequently using statistical analysis.
  • Advanced SQL, and R, Python or a similar programming language.
  • Experience using visualisation tools and software to communicate information ( Tableau, SHINY apps, or AWS Quick sight or similar).
  • Broader knowledge of related programming and technology disciplines.
  • An ability to transfer your technical skills to new and interesting problems.

We’d be impressed if you had:

(the following skills and knowledge are desirable but unessential)

  • Advanced R for efficient, scalable, and interoperable solutions (tidyverse, data.table, caret, H2O, keras, reticulate, shiny, ggplot2).
  • Written an R package (not necessarily publicly available) or deployed an automated SHINY app.
  • A leaning towards data science or advanced statistical analyses (general linear models, mixed models, dimensionality reduction, bootstrapping, Bayesian inference)
  • Experience deploying machine learning (e.g. predicting customer attrition w/ random forests; customer segmentation w/ DBSCAN).

To apply, please send a CV and cover letter to with subject line 'Data Analyst'. Successful applicants will be invited to attend an interview at our Liverpool studio to take a short coding test.

About us

vTime is a global leader in XR, creating innovative and engaging experiences and technology in all the new realities - virtual, augmented and mixed.

But, most of all, we're all about people. People have been our focus since our formation in 2013. Our goal has been to transform and disrupt the way that people around the world meet, communicate and share experiences in XR. We believe XR is the future and we intend to shape it with our vision.

And we're just as passionate about our own people. We believe that we have some of the best in the industry. And to get the best out of them, we also believe in giving them the best.

And because our success will only come from our team, we're totally committed to sharing that success with them.

So, if you'd like to build the future, yours and everyone else's, join us on our journey to the undiscovered country.

It's gonna be memorable...