Get Lit!

Get lit like a 4th of July firework with our latest drop of American avatar independence! Your country wants YOU to celebrate in style with our 3D serving of stars and stripes.

Head to the App Store and download the update.

Head on down to the trending tab in vTag and take in all the reds, whites, and blues that our U.S. Independence Day pack has to offer, because we’re bringing you everything you need to party like a patriot in full 3D!

What Can You Expect?

Make sure your family BBQ bangs with star-spangled shirts, patriotic prints, and a healthy helping of novelty outfits.

Old Glory Goodness


We’ve made sure that our latest pack is full of stars and stripes, with six new tees featuring the colors of the U.S. flag! Choose from three 4th of July tees, each with their own design for a more subtle celebration. Alternatively, try out our Old Glory prints to create moments with a loud, proud, and patriotic feel - coming in both baggy and cosy fits, we’ve got your Independence Day content covered!


Keeping with the summer styles, we’ve brought three new U.S.A-inspired cami dresses into vTag. Introducing…

The United States Cami: A summer dress with a flag-waving twist - our USA cami brings a traditional stars and stripes design to your 3D messages.

The United Colors Cami: vTag Pride doesn’t end in June! Inspired by last month’s rainbow prints, this design combines two flags that stand out for many members of our community.

The United Shades Cami: Are our other camis too colorful? Keep your celebrations sleek and stylish with our dark-themed U.S.A dress.

Hats and More

If you want to go all out, why not finish the look with an all-American backwards baseball cap? Star spangled, of course. Want to go bigger, bolder… better? Make Uncle Sam proud with our U.S.A top hat, featuring a stars and stripes design and a novelty fit, so your 4th of July moments are sure to stand out.

Remember! You can show us your 3D patriot parties by tagging us on TikTok or Insta @vtagme. We’ll make sure to feature our favourites!

Happy Birthday America!

Head to the App Store and download the latest version of vTag to access our Independence Day pack and much more!

Daniel Sefton (vTime Marketing)