Junior QA Tester

21st Oct 19 / vTime Admin

Working at the cutting edge of technology since 2013, vTime is a leading AR and VR engagement company based in Liverpool, UK. Best known for vTime XR – a cross-platform, cross-reality sociable network that allows anyone, anywhere to socialise in AR and VR – our immersive experiences are enjoyed by people in over 190 countries with more than one million downloads to date.

Vtime Qa Jobs

Based in the heart of Liverpool’s Baltic Triangle - voted coolest place to live in Britain by The Times – our vibrant studio is home to some of the best development talent in the country. And we’re growing. We're looking for a junior QA tester to join us at our Liverpool headquarters. A rare entry-level role backed by a suite of great benefits, here's your opportunity to join one of Europe's most exciting tech startups.

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    Key information

    • Job title: Junior QA Tester
    • Employment Type: Full time
    • Reports to: QA Lead
    • Salary: Competitive, depending on experience
    • Start date: Immediate
    • Location: vTime HQ, The Baltic Triangle, Liverpool

    About the Role


    Working as part of a team, your work as a junior QA tester will be varied, challenging, and crucial to the development of our family of products. You'll work closely with the development team to test the functionality, network and features of our apps, identifiying bugs and issues. After sharing your findings in detailed reports, you'll collaborate with the team to make sure that bug fixes are working as they should. You'll develop testing scenarios and checklists that improve the QA process. You'll also provide the team with regular competitor analysis reports.

    Key Responsibilities

    • Assessing and maintaining the level of quality of our products across multiple platforms and devices.
    • Identifying issues and producing high-quality, informative bug reports.
    • Bug database management.
    • Communicating effectively while working directly with the development team.

    About You

    Knowledge and Abilities

    You will:

    • Have excellent communication skills, both written and spoken.
    • Be a great problem-solver
    • Be pro-active, diligent and pragmatic.
    • Have excellent attention to detail.
    • Be capable of working to deadlines.

    Relevant experience

    We’d be impressed if you had:

    (the following skills and knowledge are desirable but are not essential)

    • Previous QA experience in software or game development, preferably in an in-house capacity.
    • Experience with bug tracking software and writing clear, concise bug reports.
    • Experience with automated testing.
    • A good working knowledge of scripting tools and game editors, such as Unity.
    • Enthusiasm for VR and AR
    • Mobile testing experience.
    • Multi-platform and cross-platform testing experience.

    To apply, please send a CV and cover letter to jobs@vtime.net with subject line 'Junior QA Tester'.

    About us

    vTime is a global leader in XR, creating innovative and engaging experiences and technology in all the new realities - virtual, augmented and mixed.

    But, most of all, we're all about people. People have been our focus since our formation in 2013. Our goal has been to transform and disrupt the way that people around the world meet, communicate and share experiences in XR. We believe XR is the future and we intend to shape it with our vision.

    And we're just as passionate about our own people. We believe that we have some of the best in the industry. And to get the best out of them, we also believe in giving them the best.

    And because our success will only come from our team, we're totally committed to sharing that success with them.

    So, if you'd like to build the future, yours and everyone else's, join us on our journey to the undiscovered country.

    It's gonna be memorable...